Budget Balancing: Jobs

If you’ve crunched the numbers and you can’t come up with a budget that will work on one income alone, there are still ways to keep your dream of staying home with the kids alive.

Here is a list of jobs that stay at home parents can look into when the budget gets busted.

Writing – blogs, journalism, freelance writing, ghost writer

You don’t need a degree to be a writer. All you need is a good story, an exciting life or a willingness to sit and listen to another story. Writing may start as therapeutic and eventually turn into your new business plan.




There are plenty of ways to craft your way into your budget. Try crocheting baby blankets for the wives in your neighborhood. Artsy enough to try your hand at painting? Sell your art on sites like Etsy. Have an eye for wood working? Become the crafting duo and sell different handmade items.




Parents know how much child care costs, so why not take advantage of the market?

Got a Degree?

Use it! There are plenty of businesses that are seeking out satellite employees who can voice their opinion on the business. Whether it be in marketing or companies like Avon, there are businesses out there that will accept you at any and all schedules. Even check out tutoring websites that accept employees without any teaching credentials.

Social Media


We’ve all heard of the Instagram famous models but what about the Instagram famous Moms and Dads. Try your luck in the social media ring. Got on camera experience or a willingness to give it a go? YouTube may be the best place for you. Gain followers and advertisements and sponsors may be coming your way.

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