The Kids’ Side

I know plenty of kids whose parents decided to become a one-income family. I turned to one of my teammates to learn a little more about what their life was like.

Lindsay Miller; a senior graduating in May whose mom was a stay at home mom for Lindsay and her brothers.

Q. What was it like having your mom at home all of the time?

A. We went to a private school but only 3 days on 4 days off until 5th grade. We basically home schooled half the week and then went to regular school. It was helpful because she could help us. It was also fun because whenever my friends came around my mom would pick us up and all us girls would have snacks and she’d have them all ready. She was a carpool queen and she loved being a part of that. It wasn’t a big deal if she was dropping kids off late at night and it allowed a lot of opportunity for other parents which they were all very grateful for. She just can help the family out a lot and especially when all of the kids are having their own kids, the family needs her.

Q. What was the dynamic between your mom and dad like?

A. My mom ran the household and had everything ready like clean and cooking but it was more of a support thing. She’d always say to my dad “honey we’re doing it together” he was the financial provider but she provides in different aspects. They’re like a team.

Q. How do you view your mom?

A. She is my best friend. My mom she has always hated the fact that she didn’t go to school so she pushed all three of us kids to do it. She felt inept because she didn’t have a college education but that never occurred to me that she wasn’t smart enough. To me she has different skill sets. She can bake and sew and take care of the kids which is a job that many people don’t or can’t do.


Q. What does she do now that you’re out of the house?

A. She takes care of my cousins and gets to travel with me. Speaking of traveling with me, having her around when I would go to tournaments and travel with teams was always amazing. She is my support system now just like she is for my entire family.

Plenty of parents fear that their children won’t respect them as a stay-at-home parent. Some think that their kids will be disappointed in them.

It’s fair to say that Lindsay had a very positive experience and views her mom as an equal. Lindsay may have had more experiences and opportunities than her mom, but her mother have her the ability to have those experiences and opportunities.

Being a stay-at-home parent is courageous and takes a strong person to fill the role and just like Lindsay, kids will respect their parent who has made the decision to stay home and support the family.


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